Rebuilding a Community & St. Stephen's Cathedral, Mainz Germany

4 days ago

  Two years ago, my wife Mako, and I visited the St. Stephen's cathedral in Mainz, as an impromptu side excursion, after leaving Frankfurt Airport in our rent-a-car. The impulsive adventure, enc...

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Young Marketing Guru Speaks to the Importance of Branding with Polo Shirts

Oct 15, 2018

Michael Harrison directs the marketing department at UMUC Asia. He's also an accomplished martial artist, competing at international levels in judo and jujitsu. Michael has a Master's degree in manage...

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A Millennial's Take on Facebook

Jul 18, 2018

Facebook was launched in 2004, and now, is ingrained in both the private and professional sectors. The pioneering social media platform is more than a place to receive free gifts on Farmville or a ven...

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