A Millennial's Take on Facebook

4 days ago

Facebook was launched in 2004, and now, is ingrained in both the private and professional sectors. The pioneering social media platform is more than a place to receive free gifts on Farmville or a ven...

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Little Travel Tips That Make a Big Difference

Jul 17

After experiencing thousands of international business trips and millions of miles in the air, I've compiled a few pointers to encourage the avoidance of the same mistakes.   Double check on ...

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Excellence at the USAMSC-K, Directorate for Maintenance in Korea

Jun 12

"Amateurs talk about strategy.  Professionals talk about logistics."  General Omar Bradley   A few weeks ago, we had the rare opportunity to tour a US military maintenance facility in...

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"The Joshua Tree" CD and a Few Kind Words

May 09

Several years ago, my wife purchased a CD at a record shop in Vancouver, Canada.  It was "The Joshua Tree" album by U2, and the cashier made a comment that she remembers to this day.   "Gr...

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Taking a Page out of a Great Lodging Manager's Book

Apr 23

One of our customers is a successful General Manager of a Navy Lodge in Japan.  Her credentials include developing the top rated hotel in its class while working for the InterContinental Hotel Gr...

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Custom Online Stores

Feb 27

Custom online stores are becoming the preferred method of schools and private organizations for fan and team spirit-wear sales. The vehicle allows for ease of ordering, cash control, and virtual pres...

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Being Better than Good

Sep 15, 2017

Anyone directing a special event or running a business has the challenge of standing out and finding an edge over the competition. It is essential. Marketing expert David Avrin takes this sentiment on...

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Marketing the Frostbite Half Marathon

Jul 19, 2017

Several US military bases located in Asia hold open base events that attract large crowds. They act as a vehicle for public relations, create good will in the local community and offer the local base ...

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