The Rach Team Will Persevere

  • Apr 8, 2020

Late last year, our team gathered at our head office in Blaine to celebrate surpassing our 2019 targets. We also spent time analyzing the reasons for our success and identified three corporate features which combine to differentiate Rach Inc from our competitors. They are:

- regular personal visits to clients deployed across Asia, Europe, and the USA

- aggressive focus on responding quickly to inquiries from clients

- immediate action to correct issues brought to our attention by clients

During this period of disruption, our team at Rach finds itself challenged by restricted access to our customers and the closure of production centers necessary to the completion of orders.

Last December, we invested in our corporate infrastructure and, like many organizations, had extraordinary expectations for the 2020 Olympic year.

Recently the focus has turned to survival, or more appropriately, perseverance.

We will maintain our direction and continue with our planned course of action throughout the difficult times.

The Rach team might not be able to visit our customers but can use the telephone, postal services, send email messages, and utilize social media applications to remain in touch.

We are accessible and will respond within 24 hours to any inquiry or request from a customer.

Rach team members will review every option to source items, embellish, and ship orders on time. We will work to keep customers well informed of projected delivery dates and consider this task especially important when orders are unavoidably delayed.

The Rach team sincerely hopes you and your families remain healthy and safe as we move through this difficult period.

May you all persevere.

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