Young Marketing Guru Speaks to the Importance of Branding with Polo Shirts

  • Oct 15, 2018

Michael Harrison directs the marketing department at UMUC Asia. He's also an accomplished martial artist, competing at international levels in judo and jujitsu. Michael has a Master's degree in management with a specialty in marketing and is well on his way to achieving his doctorate. In a recent interview, Michael shared some interesting perspectives on the impact of branded polo shirts and some important details to consider before investing in this promotional item. A summary of his selected five benefits of branded polo shirts follows:


Five Benefits of Custom Branded Corporate Polo Shirts


1. Advertising: When an organization's presence in the community is primarily grassroots oriented, with limited marketing opportunities, it's essential to use every resource available to enhance visibility. Our staff started wearing polo shirts, embroidered with our new logo, becoming walking advertisements, increasing our brand's awareness, and our organization's exposure in a client rich environment. Since the initiation of our branded polo shirts program, several people approached me and my colleagues to learn about how to register for courses with our institution.


2. Team Unity: Our staff and faculty are comfortable wearing our branded polo shirts throughout the week. The uniform fosters unity amongst the administration, lecturers, and part-time staff members. It was essential to select a polo shirt that looked professional, was durable, and met approval by the majority of our people. The selection process in itself was a team-building exercise.


3. Professional Image: Wearing branded polo shirts creates a professional image. Professionalism is critical to developing trust, and recognition, in the eyes of our clients, and prospects.


4. Employee Identity and Security: Polo Shirts make it easy for our students and prospects to identify UMUC employees and faculty. It is crucial that our prospects are able to differentiate employees from non-employees, and polo shirts have been a satisfactory solution.


5. Polo Shirt Color Psychology: Colors can create different emotional and psychological responses and require consideration. Our staff and faculty wear different color polo shirts depending on the situation. The red polo shirt is associated with action, energy, passion, and positivity. Yellow generates feelings of optimism, enthusiasm, hope, creativity, and friendliness. We wear red and yellow polo shirts at promotional, and sponsorship events, and other social outings. The grey polo shirt symbolizes feelings of practicality, timelessness, and solidarity. Black is associated with authority, power, stability, and strength. White represents purity, cleanliness, and safety. Grey, white, and black polos are worn at the offices and in the lecture hall. We invested in five polo shirt colors, allowing a wide variety of options, and enabling us to benefit from color psychology for specific purposes.


Michael makes a strong case for marketing by investing in custom branded polo shirts for a corporation's entire staff. His encouragement for careful product selection, and choice of color, is also worthy of consideration. We appreciate Michael Harrison's contribution to this blog, and wish him the best both professionally, and in the jujitsu ring.