You Don’t Have to Look Far for Inspiration

  • Oct 11, 2017

Inspiration comes from different sources. My work style and marketing concepts are influenced by creative business gurus such as Seth Godin, Tom Peters, David Avrin and often Ryan Estis.

They are sources of original ideas and perceptive analysis. Their blogs rarely disappoint and you’d be impressed by their skill as speakers. We encourage you to check them out on You Tube.

Do we have to look to gurus for inspiration?

Sometimes the best examples of perseverance, focus, and hard work can be found as close as your family or at the office.

Today I thought about how much better I could perform if I emulated my wife’s focus when she locks into preparation for an interpretation project. Note that I didn’t say some projects. She works until she is ready to do a first-rate job every assignment and that often requires research and study through most of the night.

In a recent blog by Ryan Estis he demonstrated that large companies are encouraging employees to invest in five to ten hours of on line education every week. Many leading executives feel that the accelerating advancement of technology will not only require consistent attention to continuous self-education but will be necessary to prevent you from becoming obsolete.

My colleagues at the Rach head office have requested time off for training in software and to attend seminars with engaging speakers expert in marketing, sales and engineering. Of course these requests were appreciated and supported. The question is “did we learn from their initiative?”

It might be worth doing an inventory of the people around you that demonstrate initiative, focus, hard work, integrity, kindness, generosity and dependability. It can be inspiring.