What's Your Definition of a Hero?

  • May 5, 2017


The New Sanno Hotel in Tokyo, Japan is relaunching their Hero’s Delicatessen. The hotel serves the American Government Community and visitors to Asia’s largest city. 

The choice of the name “Hero’s” is appropriate.

The standard definition of a hero is a “person admired for their courage, outstanding achievements and noble qualities.”  Women and men proudly wearing a uniform live a life that defines a hero. 

Most people would agree that running from danger is the best alternative. A hero acts contrary to this assumption.  They move towards a problem and often with urgent intent to assist others with little care for their own self-preservation.

It’s not hard to remember and identify the heroes of recent years.  They’ve landed planes on the Hudson river, run into burning houses and towers, and carried wounded comrades away from danger on the battle field. Other heroes have won Olympic medals, created incredible art and hit music, and some intrepid individuals lead the way to positive social change.

These incredible people certainly are heroes and deserve the honors and respect resulting from courage, hard work, selfless devotion and their commitment to action. 

It might be important to take a moment and remember the heroes that took time and offered their energy to make important differences in your life. 

-The mother that spent sleepless days and nights helping you get through an illness or injury

*The teachers who volunteered their free time to help you finish an important assignment or prepare for crucial tests

-The person that carefully explained directions when you were lost in a strange place

*The neighbor who watched your child freeing you to an important meeting or event

- The kid who noticed you were alone at the lunch room and joined you

* The people who were always ready to help set up or clean up at a charity event

Celebrating heroes is natural and an excellent concept to explore.  I look forward to watching what The New Sanno does with their Hero’s Delicatessen.  


Did you know that a hero is also another name for a “Hoagie submarine sandwich”?  It’s all starting to come together.