Taking a Page out of a Great Lodging Manager's Book

  • Apr 23, 2018

One of our customers is a successful General Manager of a Navy Lodge in Japan.  Her credentials include developing the top rated hotel in its class while working for the InterContinental Hotel Group and the recipient of the Navy Lodge's top award as Manager of the Year.


We asked her to comment on the aspects of her business she felt most important to running a quality hotel.  Her initial statement concerned the consistent work necessary to maintain the facility and admitted that it was most challenging and simply the nature of the business.  "Things break and require time and energy to repair."


After consideration, she commented there was one item even more important than the care and maintenance of the lodging site.  "You have to remember people."


She works to know her guests, calls them by name and remembers their preferences, specific circumstances and concerns.  These are the little things necessary to making their stay at her facility comfortable.


She tries to keep favorite rooms available for regular customers knowing they appreciate the effort.  Her staff members regularly go out of their way, sometimes offering extraordinary service such as personally driving a stranded guest to the airport.


A beautiful and well-kept building is important, but personal care and commitment to service is essential.