On Time Deliveries

  • May 5, 2017


Fifteen years ago, my colleague Roger boarded a Seattle flight after checking in five huge hockey bags filled with basketball uniforms.  His ultimate destination was Yokota Air Base in Tokyo.  He would land at Narita Airport on a Friday, and his mission was to deliver the jersey sets on time for the Youth Sports Ice Breaker tournament.  This was a defining moment for Rach Inc.

Fred, the Youth Sports Manager, had the misconception that uniforms could be ordered, custom printed and delivered to his military base in Tokyo in less than ten days.  He was forced to report the bad news to his Director when Rach informed him that the “herculean task” of making the rush delivery was out of our scope. 

Fred was in a terrific bind as his program included 300 players, 30 coaches, and hundreds of parents who would be extremely disappointed. Uniforms were promised at registration.  The stress levels maximized for all involved.

The problem fell on Roger who had just joined Rach Inc.  He came to the rescue.  Roger worked with suppliers to have the uniforms overnighted to our printers.  The printers made the order a priority, and they were picked up complete on the Thursday prior to his departure.  Rach flight miles were cashed in to purchase a ticket to Tokyo and Roger made his first trip to Japan. 

He is five foot six and weighs 150 pounds.  He was an excellent soccer player and is said to be a great youth soccer coach.  We still find humor in the fact that he sailed through customs with two carts piled high with hockey duffel bags.  (He claimed to be a basketball coach destined for the tournament at Yokota Air Base.)

 I picked Roger up at Narita Airport at about 4 p.m., and we delivered the uniforms before 7 p.m. that night.  Fred was beyond excitement and was yelling and dancing around the Youth Center exclaiming, “That’s what I’m talking about!”  It was a lot of fun. 

Delivering orders personally to Tokyo was a one off.  We do remember the event and work at keeping the spirit and motivation of the activity alive at Rach.  Roger is now the Operations Director at Rach Inc.  He’d be ready to make the trip to Tokyo again, but I think we’ll leave that job to DHL.