Maximizing Exposure Through Careful Usage of Promotional Products

  • Jun 12, 2017

A 2016 Consumer study published by the PPAI Research Center had very interesting findings important to anyone concerned with advertising.  The facts clearly lean in favor of promotional products as the best channel and vehicle for advertising, branding and general exposure. 

*“Promotional Products are Ranked Highest by consumers across all generations as the most effective advertising vehicle.”  Thirty percent of the elusive millennial generation reported they are in contact with a promotional product at all times.  The study compared promotional product usage to broadcasting, online, print and mobile advertising options.

*The response when asked what advertising the respondents consciously avoided was an eye opener.  They don’t watch TV commercials (66%), web ads (57%), on-line video ads (68%) and don’t open direct mail (50%).   In comparison, only 20% of promotional products are thrown out.

*To paraphrase Marketing Master Seth Godin, promotional products are a vehicle to market with people rather than “at people”.  It is important to find what resonates with your target audience before choosing promotional products.  You may consider some of the following questions:


-Do they want something useful? *Half the survey respondents said they walk around with promotional product such as a wearable item or a pocket product.  The pens, hats, t-shirts, key chains and stress relievers given out at one event work to promote the next one.

-Should it be enjoyable?

-How does it fit their personalities?

-Is it a souvenir important to the memory of the event?

-Will the message resonate favorably?

-Is it easy to reference?

-Will brand loyalty be enhanced? (Sixty one percent surveyed felt brand loyalty might increase)

-Will ownership be considered a luxury?

-Does the target audience connect with the symbol or the cause?

Once you’ve finalized the promotional product solutions fitting your target audience, we encourage you to launch the project with confidence.  Key highlights of the survey included the determination that nine in ten recipients of promotional products remember the brand.  Eight in ten revealed a positive shift in their impression of the brand, and 83% were more likely to do business with the brand.  Marketing with promotional products works, and it resonates with all generations.