Making the Most of a Delayed Flight

  • Aug 15, 2018

My flight was delayed at Frankfurt Airport allowing me six hours to travel to the city, visit a museum, and return to continue on to Seattle. My wife and I enjoy the works of Johann Vermeer, a 17th-century Dutch artist who died young, was a perfectionist and left less than 40 known paintings to the world. His famous work, the Geographer, is featured at the Stadel Museum, situated along the banks of the Main River, near several other excellent museums.


The Geographer by Johann Vermeer


I planned to take a train to the city, a thirty-minute ride, walk another 30 minutes to the museum, enjoy the Vermeer and a few other masters, and return with plenty of time to pass through security and board my flight. With confidence, I left the secure boarding area, took an escalator down to the train platform and looked around for a ticket seller. No machines nor individuals existed for this purpose. I moved upstairs and found a device that had English language capabilities. It gave me every detail but refused to deliver a ticket.


At this point my lizard brain started making excuses, "you might not have enough time, the Vermeer might be on loan, it could rain and spoil the walk to the museum, you're thirsty and might need a drink." I shook off the internal negative feedback and walked over to travel information center. They gave me directions to the "local train platform," located about a 20-minute walk away.


Train S9 took me to Frankfurt Main Hauptbahnhof Station, and thirty minutes later, after a pleasant walk from the station's south exit and along the river, I reached the beautiful Stadel Museum. The Geographer was spectacular, photos on the internet rarely capture the real details of a Master Piece.


I was also pleased to have time to locate and enjoy the Ecce Homo, by Hieronymus Bosch, a 16th-century painter, introduced through Michael Connelly novels, featuring the "namesake," protagonist Harry Bosch.


Ecce Homo


There was plenty of time to return to Frankfurt Station and travel to board my flight at the airport. I'm embarrassed when considering how close I came to throwing in the towel and giving up a chance for possibly, a once in a lifetime experience.


Let me encourage you to follow through with every dream , no matter how insignificant, take care of the small projects, and the big ones will take care of themselves.