Having Fun with Reinvention

  • May 31, 2017

It’s been a lot of fun at Rach Inc. recently.  We’ve reinvented ourselves as a place for ideas and a solution for marketing challenges.  Our website has been brought into the current century with a promise to launch show rooms, blogs, and relevant You Tube presentations.  It’s nurtured a creative bug in Blaine, Washington and Kawasaki, Japan. The energy is tangible.

*But why change? 

-Sales grew year on year and customer feed-back is largely positive.  (We work with sincere focus to correct situations when customers are not satisfied. This will not change.) 

*The answer isn’t complicated.  The millennium generation increasingly influences purchasing and social media sharing becomes more effective every day.  Change is not only important; it is the only option to incorporate longevity. 

-For example: show your eight year old child a 3 ½ inch floppy disk and they will ask you how you got a model of the save icon.  IT infrastructure changes daily and marketing needs to work and keep up.  

*The survivors in today’s world of marketing and sales do their homework, maintain quality, great service and delivery at high levels.  This is the minimal, entry level option. 

-They also experiment and make advances with the platforms available today.  The establishment of this blog was considered imperative after a close look at initiatives of our competition. 

*One marketing guru recently pointed out the hard fact that customers go to the competition because “they want to.”

-We are investing in projects that require the collective chemistry of our diverse team. 

*A project presentation by Rach is influenced by women, men, baby boomers, x-generation members and millennials. 

-Our hope is to deliver interesting and exciting marketing tools.  These are customized specifically with careful item choices and graphic enhancement for our niche market customers and their events.  Call it a combination of experience and youthful technical expertise. 


-In the meantime, no one will enjoy their work more than us.