Custom Online Stores

  • Feb 27, 2018

Custom online stores are becoming the preferred method of schools and private organizations for fan and team spirit-wear sales.

The vehicle allows for ease of ordering, cash control, and virtual presentations of products and logos.  Detailed labeling of packaging and delivery make distribution painless.

There is a serious upside for a team or organization with the necessary critical mass to support a site.  Following are considerations worth observing when launching a custom online store:

  1. Your target population needs to be large enough to prorate set up costs for print and embroidery.  (A small order of t-shirts is best purchased and distributed in traditional fashion.)
  2. Be aware of all costs including artwork set up fees, credit card processing charges at checkout and shipping fees.
  3. Purchasing time limits of ten days to two weeks proves effective.  The start and finish dates are crucial to your online store's success.  (Finishing after a payday is a strategy paying off for several of our customers.)
  4. Share the online store information.  Ask your provider to create posters for distribution through email, social media or placement on your website.  (The custom online store makes it easy for extended family and general members of the community to order gear and support your team.)
  5. Price point carefully.  Some organizations using online stores to fund raise have over priced products and sales fell flat.  (The best sites offer economic options as well as trendy items at higher prices.)

The essential ingredients for custom online stores remains the same as traditional methods of sales and distribution.  On time delivery, quality products, readily available support and fair pricing must be realized.

These are the cornerstones of companies leading the way with this exciting new business platform.