A Millennial's Take on Facebook

  • Jul 18, 2018

Facebook was launched in 2004, and now, is ingrained in both the private and professional sectors. The pioneering social media platform is more than a place to receive free gifts on Farmville or a venue to track high school friends.

Today it is a platform for business reviews and critiques, road maps, window displays, and press conferences. Facebook is a powerful instrument when used strategically by a business.

Facebook opens channels of communication between the company and customers unavailable before its development. Customers posting negative reviews, expect an instant response from a company's social media department. Long waits on hold with a customer service department are no longer necessary.

The roadmap function is activated by searching for companies, in areas interesting the Facebook client. For example, type in "Restaurants near me," and you pull up every restaurant in your area publicized on Facebook. This is an Excellent way to attract new customers, requiring roughly 30 seconds of your time to facilitate.

A customer locating your company on Facebook has the option of sifting through recent posts and photos relative to your business. A company using Facebook effectively creates an opportunity for their customers to window shop, better understand your products and services, and your organization.

Facebook is an opportunity to share the news with your customers. Display new terms & conditions, advertising product releases, introduce recent hires, and promote upcoming events.

Companies follow customers on Facebook, to better understand their interests and needs. This followed by interaction including comments, liking, and sharing material, posted by customers is a beautiful opportunity for natural and organic conversation.

The one billion users interacting on Facebook are ready to meet your company, it's an opportunity no one should miss. Are you ready to get started?



 By Kayla Williams, Rach Marketing