A Little Advice to Millennials - Our Up and Coming Generation

  • Jan 23, 2018

Millennials are now the largest and most diverse generation in the U.S. population.  Ignore these young people and your business or organization will soon be archived.  They are transforming communication methods with an enthusiastic grasp on technology.  Their approaches to marriage, parenting practices, education, career selection, home ownership and family life are absolutely foreign to many of us baby boomers.  Working together well is a focus and challenge as this demographic group becomes more important in the work place and the economy in general.


My generation (think fifty years plus) borrowed and copied notes when we missed classes at university.  My friend's 20 year old son went to one college class, watched the remainder of the course on You Tube, and passed the engineering course with first class honors.  Our generation married and raised children.  Many millennials live with their best friend and raise children together.  We worked overtime and on weekends to get ahead.  Millennials prefer to go home and be with family after a seven hour day.  We called friends, family and customer on the telephone.  Try calling a millennial without permission and they will be angry.  Leave a long message and they will ridicule you on social media.


We are pleased to have colleagues who bring the millennial perspective to work each day.  They are essential to our plans to embrace marketing through social media.  Their youthful creativity is also paramount to our marketing firm's future.  In turn, we coach communication by email and develop positive telephone dialog technique.  Our corporate culture is to err on the side of formality.  It is our default mode and has worked well to date.  A tight and professional email style combined with a polite and confident phone presence will be an asset to any of the millennial generation.  This might one day be the edge our young colleagues need when they sit in the decision making chairs.  It will at least give them a chance to continue working for a decade or two with customers from the older generation.


Millennials, mark my words, these skills common to our generation will set you apart in the future.



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