A Lesson From the Shipping Department

  • Oct 23, 2017

We’re a small operation and feel that we communicate well. Most of our meetings are project specific and we rarely gather as an entire team. Last week we met to discuss business to date and made time to observe a presentation by every member of the Rach organization.

The exercise was designed to better understand each other’s work allowing for cooperation and greater efficiency. One presentation stood out.

Jacob, our lead production technician, reviewed a great day in the shipping department. His presentation was a reminder that marketing, sales and finance are irrelevant without quality and on time delivery. Here are some points presented by Rach production:

*Monitor materials. Running out of tape or appropriate boxes can stop a shipping department.

*Start preparing for tomorrow's work now. This allows productive work from minute one.

*Motivate yourself by keeping personal records and work to break them.

*Anticipate interruption and work on priorities. This will allow you to be ready for an early arrival of a courier crucial to on time delivery.

*It’s great to catch items that don’t meet our quality control standards. It’s better not to find them at all.

His last point might be the most important and the secret to his success:

*Enjoy your work, the environment and the people around you. Come to work feeling good and leave with a smile.

How can you argue with that?