A Client’s Claim – A Lesson from Harry and David

  • Dec 27, 2017

There are few things in business more important than careful attention and reaction to a claim from a customer.  Recently we found ourselves on the consumer side of a product issue, and the case study is worth sharing.

We are a fan of Harry and David confectionary product and order them to celebrate when our team successfully attains goals.  The last order of a collection of chocolate, nuts, sausages, dried fruits and smoked salmon arrived with an issue.  Even though all packages were undamaged, they were covered by small pieces of salmon.  All items had to be cleaned to rid the stickiness and smell.

How did Harry and David react when we informed them of our disappointment?

They responded politely and almost immediately with an email message promising to review our case and respond.  A second message came a few hours later with a sincere apology and the offer of some chocolate covered cherries as compensation for our disappointment.  It was a professional and fair response.  We were pleased and will continue to order Harry and David products.

The customer service reaction to problems may differ from business to business but is arguably one of the most important corporate activities.  A timely delivered, sincere and professional apology followed by an offer of compensation works for Harry and David.  It might be a formula worthy of consideration for any business delivering a service or consumer products.