A Lesson From the Shipping Department

Oct 23

We’re a small operation and feel that we communicate well. Most of our meetings are project specific and we rarely gather as an entire team. Last week we met to discuss business to date and made...

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You Don’t Have to Look Far for Inspiration

Oct 11

Inspiration comes from different sources. My work style and marketing concepts are influenced by creative business gurus such as Seth Godin, Tom Peters, David Avrin and often Ryan Estis. They are so...

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Being Better than Good

Sep 15

Anyone directing a special event or running a business has the challenge of standing out and finding an edge over the competition. It is essential. Marketing expert David Avrin takes this sentiment on...

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The Lost Art of the Gift of Flowers and a Thank You Card

Sep 06

Times change. What was once a common courtesy has become subject matter for marketing gurus and self-help books. The gift of flowers delivered in appreciation and thank you notes have become rare a vi...

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Lessons from a Japanese Yodeler (Takeo Ishii)

Jul 28

Imagine growing up with a quality singing voice and excessive passion for the art of yodeling. This would be wonderful for young person in Southern Bavaria, but what if you were born in Tokyo, Japan? ...

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Marketing the Frostbite Half Marathon

Jul 19

Several US military bases located in Asia hold open base events that attract large crowds. They act as a vehicle for public relations, create good will in the local community and offer the local base ...

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